Ben Affleck Just Revealed the DC Supervillain Who Will Be Batman’s Next Nemesis

He just might be the greatest comic book assassin of all time.

Slade Wilson is about to make his big screen debut.

According to The Wrap, Ben Affleck’s latest supervillain teaser video featuring the maniacal, sword-wielding mercenary Deathstroke was confirmation of his appearance in the actor’s upcoming standalone Batman feature

Deathstroke, a military-grade assassin who, after given an experimental serum, was granted increased speed, reflexes, and endurance, made his first comic appearance back in the 1980s. 

He’s more famously known for butting heads with Stephen Amell on CW’s Arrow, before ominously being written off the series – which led fans to believe the villain would show up elsewhere. They were right.

And who’s the man in the full suit of metal? No additional casting notes have been added, though early speculation now points at Magic Mike‘s Joe Manganiello for the DC role. 

And, if all goes accordingly, that would place him alongside Jared Leto for another deserving go at The Joker after being underutilized in Suicide Squad.

Looks like Batman is about to have his hands full.