The ‘Ben-Hur’ Reboot Is Trying to Be Another ‘Gladiator’

Watch the first trailer here.

Because everything’s getting a reboot now, here’s the first trailer for the Paramount remake of 1959’s Roman epic Ben-Hur. Jack Huston (the half-faced dude from Boardwalk Empire) stars in Charlton ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’ Heston’s famous titular role as a man condemned to be a slave who gains redemption and revenge via chariot racing. Toby Kebbell, that guy from Borgen, and Morgan Freeman also star. 

Anyways, if you liked Gladiator (and you’re reading this on Maxim, so of course you did), you’ll probably like this. 

Ben-Hur comes out on August 12th, 2016, which is just enough time for them to change the title to 2 Ben 2 Hur