The Worst Hit in Last Night’s Bengals Game Was On This Poor Cameraman

Vontaze Burfict is not a nice man. 

The NFL has enough truly monstrous people—we’re looking at you Greg Hardy — that it’s easy to forget about all the garden variety dickheads in the league.

Guys like Cincinnat Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who has a history of trying to hurt players and revealing in the injuries of others. During Thursday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns, the 25-year-old linebacker showed that he’s capable of being an asshole to more than just his fellow football players.

NFL cameraman can be targets too!

Burfict’s Rodman-like rage didn’t just threaten to damage an expensive piece of equipment, but it actually hurt another innocent human being not decked out in football pads. Pictures of the injured cameraman, who stayed on the job, surfaced later in the night. His name is Jim Strickler and he got pretty banged up.

So what would possess an NFL linebacker to toss a camera aside in the middle of the game? We don’t know. It doesn’t appear that any of the dozens and dozens of press present at every NFL football game asked the guy about it. The team put out a weak ass statement about how cameramen know there are some dangers of the job. The problem is, those dangers have to do with getting hit by players who can’t control their momentum, not bullies who can’t control their temper.