Best and Bloodiest ‘Leprechaun’ Movie Moments

Warwick Davis talks us through his favorite Leprechaun murders.

Warwick Davis talks us through his favorite Leprechaun murders.

From Star Wars, to Willow, to Harry Potter, to his own HBO show Life’s Too Short, Warwick Davis is a king among every sect of nerd. But in the middle of March, there’s only one thing he cares about: Leprechaun. There are six(!) Leprechaun movies in the cult franchise, and this St. Patrick’s Day you can enjoy the first, third and sixth movie in HD Video On Demand, Digital Download, and Pay-Per-View. There’s no easier way for the evil, murderous imp to enter your house, except by crawling in through that unsuspecting vent by the couch. Davis loves the movies, and shared his favorite moments.

Favorite Death Scene

WARWICK DAVIS: I don’t think you’ll ever see a pogo stick murder like in first Leprechaun film. It was never done before that. Killing someone by pogo-ing them to death is unique.

Second Favorite Death Scene

I also enjoyed the scene in Leprechaun 3 in which I made the poor lady in Las Vegas expand to ridiculous proportions. That’s kind of amazing.

Click here to see the clip that taught us all a lesson about body image.

Third Favorite Death Scene

I loved sawing the Las Vegas magician in third movie, as well. It was fun to do that.

Watch the clip here.

Favorite Movie of the Series

The first movie is quite special because it started the whole thing off. It was like nothing I’ve done before, certainly.

I had a lot of fun working on number three with Brian Trenchard-Smith. He’s a British director and quite eccentric. He brought a lovely flavor of comedy to the films. The character can be pretty nasty, but at the same time, he likes to have a bit of fun as he goes about his nastiness. And Brian really latched on to that in Leprechaun 3 and Leprechaun 4: In Space.

I like 4 because of the sci-fi references to Star Wars.

Warning: Watch the Right Leprechaun Movie

I’ve done six Leprechaun movies where I played an evil leprechaun and two where I played a nice leprechaun –  A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (trailer above) and the other was The White Pony, where I played a nice little leprechaun named Lucky. I worry that some people will sit down with their friends and want a horror movie and they go and rent A Very Unlucky Leprechaun by mistake, and they all sit down with their green beer and then they see me being all nice and jolly and doing lovely magical things. So be warned.

Fan Friendly

Some people are still scared by the Leperchaun. I have fun doing the laugh when I know someone is afraid of the character. So someone will come up and tell me, “My brother is terrified of the Leprechaun. It used to give him nightmares. Can you call him and do the laugh?”

And I’ll do it and the poor person will need therapy. But that’s the point of the movies, right? To scare people. We all love being scared. We like it when it’s safe on the movie screen. But later when you’re alone and you think: The Leprechaun could be lurking around. That’s when it gets scary.

Gingers Love Leprechauns

I can see a Leprechaun fan coming up a mile away. I know the type. I can see a Star Wars Fan, and a Harry Potter Fan, and I can certainly spot the Leprechaun fans. They’re a little bit crazier. They’re normally in a straight jacket. [laughs]

The Harry Potter fans will often dress up in the robes with the wands. I have yet to see someone dressed as the Leprechaun. I see a lot of Leprechaun fans with red hair and beards, but that’s their natural hair color. Those people just sort of gravitate towards liking leprechauns, I suppose.

Hogwarts Professor Flitwick vs. the Leprechaun

Flitwick’s obviously got the wand, but it depends on which Leprechaun you’re talking about. His catalogue of powers changed, didn’t it? In the first film, he wasn’t as powerful. In the second film he could start to do more things with telekinetic powers.

If it’s down and dirty fighting, I pick the Leprechaun. He’s going to win. He has those claws. But they both have outrageous shoes. Think about Flitwick’s long shoes, and then the Leprechaun has those heels…

Shoes Make the Man

In all the movies, the outfit may have changed, but the shoes were always the same. I was quite specific about them. I said the shoes have to stay the same. They’re very high. They’re about four inches at the heel. I told the filmmakers that they had to stay like that because when I wore them, I felt right. The shoes gave me the stance and the walk. They’re a nightmare to walk in, but without those shoes, it didn’t feel like the character.

I never got to keep a pair. I have a hat and the suit, but never kept a pair of the shoes.

The original Leprechaun is now available in High Definition on Digital Download, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View.  The third and sixth installment in the series are also available in HD for the first time!