The Best Celebrity Commencement Speeches of the Season

It’s graduation season! Take a look at the great bits of advice offered by some our favorite funny people.

Charlie Day at Merrimack College

The Merrimack College alumnus with the “voice of a 10-year-old who smokes” returned to his old stomping grounds to deliver a hilarious and honest speech consisting of advice he would have given himself 20 years ago and the risky choices he made post-graduation. 

Jim Carrey at Maharishi University

The Dumb & Dumber actor showed his serious side with a speech that included some background on his family and advice on making it in the real world. Then he revealed a really weird blacklight painting. Oh, and he gave some insight on how the universe works, too. Cool, man. 

Sean Combs at Howard University

Former Howard dropout Diddy asked the graduating crowd, “Do you know how powerful you are?” This speech is a little long, but worth a watch to get pumped up. Or puffed up. Get it?

Ed Helms at Cornell University

The Hangover and Office star told graduates to “remember to be a fool.” Helms, who attended Oberlin College, also gave a lot of background on his failures and successes, interspersed with tidbits of eloquent advice. 

Mindy Kaling at Harvard Law School

The Mindy Project star brought her famous sense of humor to Harvard Law with a hilarious speech that poked fun at uneducated celebrities and the prestige of the Ivy League university.