The Best Champagne For Your Buck

When it comes to champagne, there’s a strong argument to made for quantity over quality. Just don’t get too cheap about it.

New Year’s Eve and champagne go together like New Year’s Day and hangovers. The bubbly drink is a lot of fun on the way down, but doesn’t necessarily put one in a state to step boldly into a new annum. And don’t blame the vines of northwest France for that shooting pain: Poor quality champagne is what creates high-quality headaches. That’s why we’re skipping the bodega stuff this year and buying Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Brut by the armful. Nicolas Brut isn’t the best bubbly on the market or the most affordable; what it represents is the point on the graph where oenophilic returns start to diminish and – turning to our personal concerns – the price is right.

Retailing at around $30, the Nicolas Feuillatte is actually made, unlike other, cheaper imitators, in Champagne, France. It features a rich, creamy taste that lingers before giving way to a fruity aftertaste. It’s not all bubbles on the way down and that’s a great thing. Beyond that, there’s not too much to say except this: You don’t want to worry about spilling your drink; if all goes well you’ll be spilling your drink. Nicolas Feuillatte – less sticky than American competitors – is easy to clean out of your carpet. 

For those who would like to go a little bit on the lower end of things, Andre remains the choice of the people. But beware the hangover, and perhaps consider a classier, fruitier champagne to start your new year,  because there’s nothing worse than having to explain that you won’t be able to make it to brunch because you went all in on a $5.99 bottle. That’s not how you want to start 2015.

Photos by Monzino / Getty Images