The Best Chef in Chernobyl Is a Radioactive Fox

What you didn’t know is that plutonium is rife with rich umami flavor.

It’s a classic tale of British radio team meets starving radioactive fox in a nuclear exclusion zone near Chernobyl, Russia. A team of BBC journalists had just traveled to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl—site of the world’s most infamous nuclear meltdown—when a scrawny fox trotted down and looked expectantly at their provisions. The folks at the BBC kindly shared some bread and sausage, expecting an animalistic grab and chew, but were shocked to find the ionized canine to be a sandwich artisan. In under a minute, he constructed a magnificent, five-layer sausage sandwich. The fox is set to open a gastro-pub in Seattle this fall. It will be called “The Fantastic Radioactive Fox.” The brunch line will be outrageous.