Best College and Pro Games Dec 2

We pretend to know the future!

College: Auburn vs South Carolina

When: Saturday, December 4th, 4:00pm ET

I was going to pick SC here, but you know what, I give in. After picking against Auburn four times this year, and being wrong each time, I’m finally sold. Cam Newton’s dad cheated, but he didn’t (someone should mention this to Reggie Bush’s dad), so now that the Cam Burglar will play the rest of the season I’m totally on board the Auburn train. I’m now picking them to beat South Cackalacka, win the BCS, the Super Bowl and, hell, even the mid-term elections (if they hadn’t already happened.)

Pro: New York Jets vs New England Patriots

When: Monday, December 6th, 8:30pm ET

One small secret about this year’s NFL season is that the Pats defense isn’t that good. In fact, they’re kind of bad. And they’re going against an offense that is much better than it was in September. The Pats won’t hang 40 on the Jets, but the Sanchize will be able to up and down the field against the Pats, meaning:

Winner: J-E-T-S will make a big statement and all but guarantee home field throughout the playoffs with a big road win on Monday night.