The Best LeBron Moments From the ‘Trainwreck’ Trailer

We’re not saying LeBron should stick to basketball, but he’s really great at basketball.

In Judd Apatow’s newest film, Amy Schumer plays a night owl working at a men’s magazine (Ed. Note: Lucky her) assigned to profile a successful sports surgeon. Low and behold, one of the sports surgeon’s best friends is LeBron James, who plays himself in his big-screen debut. So how well does LeBron hold up? Does he slam home his first on-screen appearances? Let’s go to the tape.

The LeBron Kramer moment

This is a solid entry, but LeBron hasn’t quite reached Kramer-status. He definitely shows great form though, propelling himself from the hall and straight into this set, showing a grace and comfort we recognize from his beautiful drives and dunks.

LeBron Must Point In Every Shot

LeBron, who is used to pointing at his teammates after every dish or bucket, seems to point at whoever is speaking a line. It’s as if he wants to say, “Mad props for remembering that line, fellow actor.” That’s nice.

LeBron Seriously Has No Idea What To Do With His Hands


Obviously he got the no more pointing memo, but he’s transitioned into rubbing his hands together, like he’s got some talcum powder and he’s ready to go.

The Pointing Again

Screw it, man. If you gotta point, you gotta point. It’s better than that weird rubbing thing.