The Best Sandwiches of the Summer

From veal tongue to tasty fried oysters, we rounded up some modern-day takes on the American classic.

America has come quite a long way since the first-ever sandwich was created. A lunchtime staple and mandatory item in brown bags across the country, sandwiches could come in many shapes and sizes. While we’re trained at an early age to accept the norms of PB&J and bologna and cheese, times are certainly changing, including the ways modern-day chefs approach their dishes. As people’s minds grow, so do their palates, and there’s more of an opportunity to eat things you’ve never had before… say, veal tongue for example.

With August being ‘National Sandwich Month,’ we took to the streets of New York City in pursuit of the best and brightest sandwiches this place has to offer. What we found hits the mark for the ultimate sandwich fix, ranging from dishes that’ll complement your boozy brunch, all the way to a new spin on a well-known dessert. We hope you’re hungry.

The Best for Brunch (from Hecho en Dumbo)

Torta de Huevo:  Chorizo egg and cheese scramble, black bean purée, avocado, on focaccia 

Short Rib Sliders: Pat LaFrieda beef short rib, housemade Oaxaca cheese, avocado, jalapeno relish and bacon

The Dinner Options (from Grand Ferry Tavern and Souk & Sandwich)

The Peacemaker: Deep-fried East Coast oysters and spicy remoulade on brioche (served with fries)

Tongue Sandwich: Veal tongue with pickles and toum (garlic aioli)

The Ultimate Dessert (from Neta)

PB&J Ice Cream SandwichJapanese monaka wafer with housemade peanut butter ice cream and huckleberry-strawberry jam

Photos by Michael Tulipan