The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night’s “Game Of Thrones”

Spoiler alert: Everyone is dead.

Spoiler alert: Everyone is dead.

(Photo: Helen Sloan / HBO)

Last night’s Game of Thrones episode was as – if not more- traumatizing then the beheading of Ned Stark way back in season one. But if you’ve been a regular fan of the TV series (or have read the books), you probably should have paid attention to the Bastard of Bolton’s advice. After watching The Red Wedding (warning – lots of very sad spoilers ahead, people) and witnessing Catelyn Stark, Rob Stark, and another cute wolf eat enough arrows to put down a dragon (that means they’re dead), viewers took to Twitter en masse (it’s still trending today) to tell everybody how they felt. It was not pretty.

Yeah, there was a lot of this. But good news! Uh…Jon Snow is still alive? Maybe? An eagle maybe ripped his face open though, so don’t get your hopes up.

Fun fact: stabbing Rob Stark’s pregnant wife in the belly over and over again was actually not in the book! The HBO writers added that little extra piece of flavor! Yum!

All the better to see all the throat-slittings (there were at least six).

That song is about the Lannisters annihilating another noble house. Here it is for your listening enjoyment!

Don’t give up now! There are so many characters left to kill!

Well that’s just mean. Also not physically possible.

There was a lot of this. It hasn’t been this depressing a day at work since Optimus Prime died the third (of maybe fifth) time in the Transformers cartoon.

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