The Best Video Game Collectible Editions of 2013

Because sometimes, simply owning a game isn’t enough.

You may have really enjoyed 2013’s reboot of Tomb Raider, but you can’t be a super-fan until your house is decked out with a statue of Lara Croft. Check out our favorite collectible editions of 2013’s best games, and then go out and find a really understanding girlfriend, or a good story about how these aren’t “toys,” they’re investments.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Remember when Zelda games used to come on cartridges? Remember how those cartridges were gold and shiny if you got on close enough to launch? This is that same equation, only instead of the cartridge being gold, your whole friggin’ 3DS is, and the game gets downloaded as a free code in the bundle. Triforce markings clear up any questions as to whether or not you’re in line to be the Hero of Time. You are; we promise.

Tomb Raider

Oh, did you think we were making up that bit about a Lara Croft statue? Nay, nay! 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot might have brought with it a smaller-chested Lara, but we’ll forgive that, because the gritty style and treasure-hunting gameplay was made this one of our favorite video games of the year. The collector’s edition of the game includes: the game, survival tin, island map, game soundtrack, iron-on badges, in-game weapon DLC, and, of course, the statue (with 40 points of articulation, so you can put Lara into whatever compromising position you’d like, creep).

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

So, you just bought that Tomb Raider Collectible Edition, but now Lara looks all sorts of lonely on your shelf? Give her an equally badass, treasure-hunting friend! The AC4collector’s edition features an assortment of accoutrements such as the typical art-book, steel gamecase, soundtrack, and copy of the game, but the statue is of Edward Kenway in a more awkward position than you’ll ever see him during gameplay. And there’s the flag that hangs on our porch, proudly announcing to neighbors, “Do NOT carol here.”

Grand Theft Auto V

What’s sure to be a contender for everyone’s game of the year, GTAVwas an epic experience in almost every sense of the word. The world of the game is one of the largest you’ll see in a single-player campaign, and that means there’s a ton of shit for you to find. You know what helps? A map. But Rockstar isn’t about to just give you a map with all the best parts of the game marked off. They’ll give you one that only shows that stuff if you put it under a blacklight. Oh yeah, they’ll also toss in a steel case and a whole bunch of in-game content too. Like tattoos and guns. That’s just how Rockstar rolls.

Payday 2

If you’ve played Payday 2 you’ll know it’s worth the extra bucks for a collectible edition. If you haven’t played Payday 2, just trust us and get the CE straight away, because you’re gonna want it later. Beyond Payday 2’s incredibly addictive gameplay (who wouldn’t want to team up with buddies to knock over banks and frame senators?), the collectible edition comes with a USA mask (great for a Halloween costume in a pinch), hundred dollar bill wallet (better than Velcro!), game soundtrack, and blue rubber gloves. You’ll probably want that soundtrack playing while you use the rubber gloves for…actually, we’re not giving you any suggestions on where to use those rubber gloves.

Saints Row IV

The sometimes self-deprecating, sometimes self-aggrandizing Saints Row drops its latest CE with the “Game of the Generation” Edition. No, this isn’t the one that costs a million bucks and comes with a Lamborghini (there was only one of those, and we presume it’s already been sold to some Sheik in the UAE), but it does have some of the most ridiculous items you’ll ever see in a special edition of a video game – including a “dubstep weapon” and a doomsday button. What does that button do? We don’t know; we’re too scared to press it.

BioShock Infinite

The third BioShockgame is no less of a mindfuck than its predecessors, but it comes with the added bonus of being set in a city in the sky. Of course, its collectible edition is equally sky-centric with The Songbird taking center stage. The statue is so big that you actually have to attach the wings onto it after you get it in the house. It also comes with a few extra bonus features like a keychain, a smaller Handyman figurine, and plenty of in-game power-ups. If your head hasn’t exploded after you finish the game, you’ll actually be able to enjoy this collectible edition.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Getting the Injustice collectible edition isn’t just about getting neat go-alongs for a fighting video game, it’s about getting comic book paraphernalia – and you don’t even have to listen to comic book nerds talk about who Superman could beat in a fight to get it. Coincidentally, you can find out who Superman could beat in a fight by playing this game. The Injustice CE does have a statue but, really, we’re in it for the Injustice: Doom movie download.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Don’t let the ridiculous subtitle fool you; MGR: Revengeance is an incredible accomplishment of a ninja game that takes the hyper-detailed cut-scenes of Konami’sMetal Gear Solid series and blends it together with the swordplay of games like Devil May Cry. Also, this collectible edition comes with a sword in a plasma lamp. Seriously, you could toss out the game and just keep that lamp and be totally pleased with yourself. But you should play the game, too. It’s really good.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

We could tell you that Blacklist is a fun game. We could also tell you that the Sam Fisher poster is hanging on our wall, or that the in-game levels that come in this collectible edition really make the game even much better. But we’re not gonna do any of that, because the Splinter Cell: Blacklist CE comes with A MOTHERFUCKING REMOTE CONTROL AIRPLANE. If we had a mic to drop, it’d be rolling on the floor right now. 

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