Get Your Retro on With the 11 Best Video Game Remakes and Remasters Coming in 2018

Old school is the best school.

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Credit: Capcom/Microsoft/Nintendo

Some of our favorite games from years past are seeing some new life in 2018, thanks to popular demand and also (largely) the popularity of Nintendo retro-friendly Switch console. 

Check out the best ports, remasters and remakes coming out this year… and get those gaming thumbs ready.

Bayonetta 1 and 2

In anticipation of Bayonetta 3 coming to Switch as soon as this summer, Nintendo is bringing forward both Bayonetta 1 and 2 for its mighty console just next month. If you’ve already played the Bayonetta games, you know that this is awesome news. If you haven’t, this is your chance to get down with one of the most action-packed games on modern systems, helmed by one of the sexiest characters in all of video games. (February 16th)

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Skinning the Dynasty Warriors gameplay with all the characters of Zelda made for a brilliant and fun strategic action game that originally made a splash on the WiiU, but is bound to make a bigger one when it comes to the Nintendo Switch instead. (Spring 2018)

Shadow of the Colossus

Team Ico’s masterpiece, a game made entirely of boss battles, is getting a 4K remake on the PS4. Shadow of the Colossus is one of our favorite Playstation exclusives of all time, a moody experience through gorgeous levels and battles that will test your endurance. We couldn’t be happier. (February 6th)

Devil May Cry HD Edition

Credit: Capcom

Dante is returning again, and this time it’s because Capcom is bringing the first three Devil May Cry games to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This remaster seems to be timed with rumors of a new entry coming to the series, though we’ll have to wait and see on that aspect of this, presumably when we get some answers at E3 in June. Until then, we can get psyched to revisit Dante’s world sooner than later. (March 13th)

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition

The Street Fighter series officially spans decades, and the 30th anniversary edition includes many of the iterations of the game along the way. Serious competitors know that Street Fighter V is offering one of the best fighting experiences in all of video games, but fans will understand that the 30th anniversary edition is a must-own for the longtime faithful, including being able to take a stroll down memory lane with new online options. (May 2018)

Super Meat Boy Forever

Coming for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, Super Meat Boy Forever takes chunks of the original levels and procedurally generates them based on your own skill level. It’s a brilliant way of revisiting the oddball platformer, and one that should be great regardless of the console you play it on. (2018)

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Nintendo’s DK Country series has always been a fan favorite and has offered up some of the best platforming experiences in video games through the years. The excellent, recent entry into the series Tropical Freeze was a game largely lost on people since it was a WiiU exclusive. Luckily, with the popularity of the Switch, there’s another chance for people to see how great DKC continues to be. (May 4th)

Payday 2

We’ll reserve our judgment for the port of Payday 2 on Switch. On the one hand, the game itself is a great compilation of inventive, original heist scenarios along with ones culled from historic movie moments. On the other, Payday 2 was bungled so badly on its console version that we just don’t trust it to have its best foot forward on the Switch. Regardless, this is one we’ll be monitoring closely as its release date nears, hoping that Nintendo’s hybrid console gets the polished version it deserves. (February 23rd)

Dark Souls: Remastered

The infamously hard game that has spawned several sequels is getting a remaster for all modern consoles. HD resolution and framerate bumps should make it a worthwhile revisit, whether you’re playing on PS4, Xbox One or even Switch. Don’t expect it to be any less difficult this time around either. (May 25th)

Xbox Duke Controller

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When the original Xbox launched in 2001, it came with a controller that many people may not recognize nowadays. The oversized, handful of a controller has lovingly earned the nickname “the duke” over the years, and we’re finally getting an (unofficial) reissue of it in 2018. Set to debut at the end of March for $69.99, we’re hoping it’s more than a novelty for Xbox fans everywhere. (March 2018)

Mega Man Legacy Collection

The little blue robot debuted back on the NES, so it’s fitting that his entire anthology is coming for the Switch later this year. Mega Man is a perfect fit for the Switch, offering up bite-size levels to take down one after another. With Mega Man 11 also arriving soon on all platforms, this is absolutely the kind of series we’d replay in anticipation of the latest addition to the series. (Spring 2018)