Best of the Web – December 10

Check out what people are really doing during work. Here are today’s popular links.

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We can see clearly now…glasses are hot.

Good things really do come in small packages!

Hey hey hey, watch the hands!

This amber-haired beauty is all we want for Christmas.

She’ll take you to the rim and give you a facial…

She’s sexy as hell, but is she your most desired for 2010?

The Great Wall of Kentucky ripped through MSG last night.’s hot clicks

Another one? Tiger really knew how to pick ’em…

An age-old question; does the answer mean it’s a perfect world?

Breaking up isn’t hard to do for this country heartbreaker.

If you ever want to get laid again, don’t get caught saying these lines.

Regardless of what they claim, Red Bull does not give you wiiiings!

This is one thing college students have known for years.

It might be a little too late for this, Jaimee…

Remember when having a video camera was cool? Times have changed!