Best of the Web – Francoise Boufhal, Sexy Alice’s, and more!

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Shoveling hay with some of the sexiest cowgirls on earth, and we’d say Greece made the right choice for their next top model…

No matter what land these Alice’s are in, they’re sexy!

Francoise Boufhal shows us that they’re real, and they’re spectacular…

Ride ’em cowgirl!

She’s such a little Minx

Opa! A very sexy toast to Greece’s Next Top Model Dimitra Alexandraki.

If there’s one girl we want to go home with, it’s Simona!

A MILF for the ages, Miss Ellen Barkin!

Do the girls come with these camaros?

Sexy swimsuit celebs just know how to channel the internet…


OK Go shows more of their video skills, and the Oscar-nominated films get a major overhaul…

The Jersey Shore kids show they’ve got Academy Award winning acting skills.

No one thought it to be possible, but OK Go may have made the greatest music video ever!

When they say this flick is action packed, they mean it!

Check it out brother! A new episode of Fullmetal Alchemist.


Bumper stickers to piss people off, and hot girls who make it hurt…

This is about as close as you’ll ever get to dancing with Erin Andrews

Let these bumper stickers say what’s on your mind…

It’s true, attractive women hurt our eyes from staring too much.

Sorry guys, it doesn’t count if you don’t stick in the right hole

Alex Ovechkin gets funky in a Russian music video.

A couple stars show that going green is the way to get it in!

These artists take it to the street!

Take it from us, getting paid to blog sucks!

Get ready for Green Lantern to blow your mind this summer…

Show your internet girlfriend your personality with these webcams.