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The hottest girls we could find on this fantastic Friday!

Double your pleasure with these bangin’ twins!

Most people dominate their wings, but we dominated Las Vegas with the Hooters girls!

Sure St. Patrick’s Day was a couple days ago, but are you really not going to look at these lovely lucky charms? We didn’t think so…

Nikki Sims would be a welcome addition to any neighborhood!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Shannyn Sossaman is one of the sexiest actresses around!

We’d say Yvonne has pretty much everything working for her!

Carice van Houten wouldn’t be a bad thing to cuddle up with.


Videos that will make you pee yourself from laughing.

Zach Galifianakis shows us his rap side.

All the TV shows, but without the drama!

Grab some whiskey and laugh your ass off watching these Irish moments!

Why get a jet ski when you can literally fly on the water with one of these?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… it’s Spiderman’s funky porn music.


Info, pics, and the rest of the stuff we love!

Show her your O-face, not one of these faces…

These are the 25 Hottest Cheerleaders for the NCAA Tourney teams!

Sexy Svetlana could never jinx anything with her looks.

Alicia Keys is always in an Empire State of Mind!

No vote needed… thesestars are hot!

If you’re thinking about growing a stache this March, here are some tips from the ladies…

You know what they say, don’t mix work with pleasure.

A couple stars show us they even look good eating!

Funny thing is, our girlfriend’s vagina does look perfect now!

These fresh shoes will be the talk of the town.

Match the colors, get atable!