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A good reason not to be lactose intolerant, sunbathing celebs, and a very sexy look from Gina Carano.

Who’s up for getting down and dirty with sexy model XTina McHawaii?

Milk: It doesLauren Lacey’s body good!

If these sunbathing celebs need a lotion rubber, we’ll happily offer our services.

Perfection comes in the form of IGN model Simona.

Gabrielle Union has a unified front we could get behind.

Unless it’s a punch, we just can’t resist anything Gina Carano throws our way.

Whitney Port hits the poolside to show her off her bangin’ bikini bod.

Not even birthing a couple of kids can haltHeidi Klum‘s modeling career.


One of Tiger’s mistresses gets an award, and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz shows his skills.

Of Tiger’s many mistresses, only Jamie Jungers reigns supreme!

Yo dude, no matter what you’re on, a bad trip isn’t possible with these Adult Swim moments.

Technical difficulties? Nope, this reporter just blew it!

Who knew this kid could tear the rim off the joint!

We finally found the real culprit for the Trolololo video


A gadgety coffee table, and a reminder to always zip up!

A couple people show us how to “fly” away

Need a vacation? You may want to avoid these disaster-prone hot spots.

A baseball fight in Cuba leads to the batter swinging all the  way in the outfield…

Look fresh and help the Haiti cause.

Be extra careful not to spill any Kool-Aid on this new-age coffee table.

We pity the fool that doesn’t enjoy this old-school A-Team comic!

Don’t let Facebook make you lamer than you already are, bro.