Best of the Web – Rhian Sugden, Motorboat Girls, and more!

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Without further adieu, here are the hottest ladies from today’s web surfing, including a couple girls who really know how to handle a pair of snowballs.

Rhian Sugden has the kind of body that makes a grown man cry. Seriously, tears are welling up now.

Ever tried out a motorboat while hanging out on a motorboat?

How the snow didn’t melt in this sexy snowball fight is a mystery to us.

No need to have candy ready for these hot ladies; they’ll dress up for any occasion…if you’re lucky.

It’s pretty easy to see why Slumdog Millionaire’s Frieda Pinto is comfortable in front of the camera.

Sarah Harding’s bikini bod in Barbados has us looking for a cold shower.


Ever wonder what it’d be like to win a professional championship? See why one guy took matters into his own hands.

Like former QB Brett Favre, this Packers fan waffles on decisions. To drink or not to drink next season?

If Lost had been a hit show from the ’60s, it would make a lot more sense. Check out the footage.

Why does MLS need Dave Beckham when they can have thisguy for free?


Laugh your ass off, see why football and porn go well together, and learn where everyone’s favorite swear word came from.

And the Academy Award goes to… any one of these nominees. Could even be Matt Damon! Right.

Is there any better way to watch the big game than with porn star Katie Michaels?

Hey motherf*cker, here’s a quick history lesson on one of our favorite “wash out with soap” words.

Prove to women that you really are hung like an elephant.

There’s plenty of “Vanity” involved when you’re a hot, young Hollywood starlet.

No one to call your Valentine? Avoid these couple-packed hot spots and head to a bar instead!

These adult swim character coasters can handle even the toughest beverage sweat.

This alarm clock won’t jar you awake with guffawing, douchey shock jocks for once.