The Best, Worst and Best-Worst Athletes on Twitter

Some athletes strive for championship rings and some just want to make funny jokes.

Some athletes strive for championship rings and some just want to make funny jokes.

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The Best

The athletic twitasphere is a complex beast, but we like to think of it as tipping scale. On one end sits the best – a freak of nature that can chuck a ball 60 yards or break a backboard while still being able to compose a pithy and topical 140 or less.

Brandon McCarthy

Equipped with a quick wit, a wife that compliments his comic prowess, and a very respectable cutter, Brandon McCarthy exemplifies the ath-tweet (Yeah, we said ath-tweet. Deal with it).

Typical Tweets

Logan Morrison

Logan Morrison also represents the MLB on the best-tweeter list. Although considerably more brash than McCarthy and unafraid to troll, LoMo brings the funny in addition to some solid “inside baseball” looks.

Typical Tweets

Chris Kluwe

The Vikings punter is heavily into gaming, but he throws his voice behind important issues such as the economy and gay marriage, as well as less important issues, like punter/kicker rights.

Typical Tweets

The Worst

But tweeting is truly an art and not every “Joe Throw“ is going to be gifted in it. Welcome to the other end of the scale. These are the worst.

Charlie Villanueva

The Detroit Piston uses Twitter very much like your little sister likely does. You’d think that a professional athlete has a little bit more to report than the dreary minutiae that Chaz offers.

Typical Tweets

Todd Coffey

Todd Coffey may not be a big name athlete, but he looms large in the hall of bad tweets. Just recently, his account went on a tirade about President Obama turning this country into “a socialism,” which he promptly deleted and then explained with the following.

Typical Tweets

Metta World Peace

The forward formerly known as Ron Artest has A LOT of personality. Unfortunately, most of that is lost on his Twitter feed, which is mostly just advertisements for strange products and non-sequiturs.

Typical Tweets

The Best-Worst

And sometimes, but only sometimes, you will stumble upon that rare athlete that is incredible on Twitter, but only because they are transcendently bad. They are simultaneously the best and the worst. That is when the scale is in balance.

JaVale McGee

Whether he is tweeting as himself or his cartoon alter-ego, Pierre, JaVale McGee always has something to say and that something is usually insane and hilarious.

Typical Tweets

Jose Canseco

There are a more than a few people who would love this slugger to clam up for good (possibly someone whose name rhymes with Schmason Schmiambi). However, Canseco relishes his outlet and will continue to drop his completely crazybones pearls until you pry the iPhone from his cold, dead fingers.

Typical Tweets

Chad Johnson

Johnson/Ochocinco/Hachi Go has been through a lot, and while not lucky in love or in career at the moment, his positivity (and batshit insanity) shine brightly through his feed.

Typical Tweets

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