Bethe Correia Has Fighting Words for Ronda Rousey — Again

The Brazilian fighter doesn’t know when to stop. 

Bethe Correia makes her living with her fists, but the Brazilian MMA fighter sure as hell likes to run her mouth. Best known for getting knocked out by Ronda Rousey in 34 seconds just a couple weeks ago, Correia’s already yapping about a rematch.

“I’ll fight for a rematch in 2016, stronger, more mature, we’ll see each other again!” Correia wrote on Instagram. “I’ll get that chance again and I’ll have my revenge at the right time!”

Clearly Correia hasn’t learned her lesson. Talking trash to Rousey is what got her in trouble in the first place. Back in May Correia quipped that she hoped Rousey didn’t kill herself after losing their fight. This struck a nerve with Rousey, whose father committed suicide when she was 8. Though Correia apologized and said she didn’t know the history, Rousey didn’t let it slide.  She used the slight to add more fuel to the already raging fire burning inside her fists. After pounding Correia’s face like a speed bag, she said, “I hope nobody picks on my family any more when it comes to fights.”

And here Correia is, barely two weeks removed from an ass kicking, asking for another. She hasn’t yet taken any cheap shots at Rousey, but given her proclivity to pop off, don’t be surprised if she starts making fun of Pokemon to get under Rousey’s skin.

Photos by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images