Better Call Saul Keeps Looking Better And Better

The new commercial for the Breaking Bad spin-off gives a better sense of the desperate, sleazy world of small-time trial lawyers. 

Since Better Call Saul was announced on the heels of the demise of Breaking Bad, there’s been a lot of build. For starters, the series was already renewed for a second season before the first had finished shooting. Then, AMC  began unloading small sneak peaks at the series, hinting at a larger world that Jimmy McGill  (who in the future will be known as Saul Goodman) will inhabit. Then, a country music video was released, featuring the briefest of looks at the new show, but demonstrating that the show will take on the same darker than dark brand of humor that Breaking Bad employed. Now, finally, we have a more complete look at the series, which is coming out, after what seems like a decade of build-up, in February. 

Here’s the 30-second trailer: 

We finally get a look at the great Michael McKean playing Jimmy’s brother, as well as Patrick Fabian, playing what appears to be a rival lawyer extolling the virtues of following one’s heart. Saul/Jimmy’s heart is a strange thing however, and by the end of Breaking Bad it was verging towards nonexistence. Does Saul have one in 2002, when Better Call Saul takes place? Will we witness the making of a scoundrel or has Saul always been one? Answers await us in less than two months.

Photos by Photo: Ben Leuner / AMC