Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Living in the House From The Big Lebowski

White Russians, anyone?

A couple days ago it was announced that Beyoncé and Jay Z have rented the 45-million Holmby Hills palace that was owned by ex-L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and the general reaction was more or less ” oh, a rich couple is renting a rich ass house. Not news.” But now, further details reveal that the house was used in the film The Big Lebowski, and eyebrows are going up into hairlines.

The Carter family has been obsessed with this house, and movie, for quite some time. They tried to purchase the home last year, but lost to a bid from a British billionaire.  And any fan of Beyoncé who’s up on their trivia knows that she sampled Julianne Moore’s “Do you like sex?” monologue in her 2014 self-titled album.

Are Bey and Jay the first couple to ironically rent a mansion? I think so. Check out exclusive pictures of the house over at TMZ

Photos by Alo Ceballos / Getty Images