Beyonce Lip-Synced National Anthem at Inauguration

A nation mourns.

A nation mourns.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Word on the street is that Beyonce’s masterful rendition of the National Anthem at Monday’s presidential inauguration was actually lip-synced. After many outlets initially praised the performance as magnificent, they were forced to backtrack after it was revealed that Bey had decided shortly before taking the stage to use a pre-recorded studio version of the song. Awkward! But not a first. Below, some other infamous moments in lip-syncing history.,AAAAAAEDRq0~,qRcfDOX2mNtWW87VePrJiaFRXUo43tGn&bctid=2109529111001

Ashlee Simpson

And you thought SNL was bad when the musical guest doesn’t awkwardly abandon the set after it becomes obvious she was lip-syncing…

Milli Vanilli

Technical difficulties at a 1990 concert caused the record to skip, leading to the revelation that Grammy-winning pop duo Milli Vanilli was actually just two dudes flapping their lips to someone else’s music.

Katy Perry

In this clip, it becomes apparent that Katy is not actually playing the recorder during her live show. Although to be fair, her popularity isn’t really based on her tremendous recorder skills anyway.

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