Beyoncé Threw Her Ass in a Circle and 4 Other Things You Need to Know About Made in America 2015

The Philadelphia music festival was at the top of its game this Labor Day weekend.

Doing something memorable on Labor Day weekend, the last weekend of the summer, is vital. So when Budweiser invited us out to Philadelphia for their fourth annual Made in America Festival, who were we to say no? With acts like Action Bronson, Modest Mouse, J. Cole, Banks, and Jidenna leading up to headlining artists The Weeknd and Beyoncé, there was no doubt we’d hit it up. 

Some 140,000 guests turned out for the sold-out event, hitting up multiple stages as well as the on-site tattoo parlor, barbershop, vinyl record store, sampling taps and mini brewery tour. And of course, there was the music. 

Check out the five most important things we saw and learned at Made in America. 

1. Beyoncé threw her ass in a circle. 


Sep 7, 2015 at 7:16pm PDT

Yes, it happened. If you didn’t think her body was too bootylicious for you before, during her 23-song headlining set on Saturday, Queen Bey san in the opening “Crazy In Love” mix for a crowd of over 140,000 people. Having used “Back Dat Ass Up” as the dance break before, it was a spot on update for the performance. 

2. Beyoncé  loves Ronda Rousey as much as you do. 


— Dana White (@danawhite) September 6, 2015

Though she included a slew of contemporary songs mixed in (Yes, the Nae Nae got it’s own moment), Mrs. Carter also took a moment to show just how much of a fan she is of MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. During a quick transition mid-performance, fans were treated to audio from one of Rousey’s video blogs. It makes sense, since neither of them are “Do-Nothing Bitches.”

3. Meek Mill is likely putting that Drake debacle behind him. 

Going into the weekend, Mill had a big L hovering over his head due to his scuffle with Drake.  Some speculated that if he were to ever have a chance to redeem himself, it was best for him to take a shot on his home turf in Philly. While he seemed to take special care to stay as far away from the subject as possible — at one point while talking he said “I started from the…” and let out a long pause, seemingly groping for words before saying “ground.” 

4. Future announced a new album. 

After rapping about Gucci flip flops while wearing Hermes, Givenchy and Cartier, Future announced that DS2 would be joined by another album by the end of the year.  It was the perfect way to cap off a banger of a performance.

5. Action Bronson did not throw anyone off stage. 

Though he’s sort of notorious for inflicting bodily harm on his fans, Action Bronson did not get a chance to body slam anyone this weekend. Though he did smoke a blunt on stage and perform from the camera stands for a song or two, it, thankfully for all, was a look but don’t touch lineup. 

Photos by Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch