Watch The 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Get Electrocuted In Her Latest Music Video

Now this is truly shocking.
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The "Cash Me Ousside" girl, aka Danielle Bregoli aka rapper Bhad Bhabie, is back with a brand new music video, and it is goddamn ridiculous.

The clip is a double feature for two new tracks, "Hi Bich" and "Whachu Know." The opening scene shows Bhabie in a court house packed with fans, dissenters and, for some reason, a priest as the song's opening chorus kicks in. 

Screenshot (3784)

"White J's, white Porsche/White wrist, white horse/Hi, bitch, hi, bitch
Hi, bitch, hi, bitch/I do not sniff, hit the rollie/It do not drip when I pour it/I do not run, I reload it/I do not save it, I throw it."

The imagery takes a dark turn when the 14-year-old human meme is strapped into an electric chair, shocked, then reincarnated in a white funeral gown riding a white Porsche during a funeral procession. 

Hi Bich Whatchu Know

And that's all in the first two minutes. The scenery accompanying "Whachu Know" isn't as provocative, but the lyrics are a different story. 

Aside from frequent nods to cash—of which she has plenty thanks to a freshly-inked multi-million dollar contract with Atlantic Records—her rhymes reference the prescription stimulant Adderall and weed within in the same scheme. 

"I be like "Send me the addy"/Hop out the Porsche with a baddie/
Got a nice face and a fattie." 

Screenshot (3786)

Did we mention she's 14?

The two new tracks come on the heels of a wildly successful release of the music video for her first single, "These Heaux." 

We can only hope the internet mascot-turned-novelty rapper is using poetic license to write these lyrics, otherwise we are seriously worried.