Batman Fans Are In For a Huge Shock in the Newest Comic

You won’t believe who’s replacing Bruce Wayne.

Fans are in for a bombshell when they crack open the forthcoming Batman comic-book series, “Dark Knight III: The Master Race.” Warning: major spoilers below.

Bat-fans will discover that their favorite playboy-turned-vigilante Bruce Wayne won’t be back to don his iconic rubber suit. Instead, a female character, Carrie Kelley, will be trying it on for size, giving us the first-ever Batlady.

“I just think the suit looks a lot better on a girl,” writer-artist Frank Miller told the New York Post.

We agree with this, but this news will be a bolt out of the blue for die-hards. However, they can take comfort in the fact that they’ve met their new Batlady before, back in 1986 in the much-loved series “The Dark Knight Returns.” Then, Kelley was kicking ass in the role of Robin, delighting fans with the first-ever Girl Wonder.  

But a woman taking on the batsuit is a bigger shakeup than having a female Robin. Miller told the Post that they’ve been planning a gender shakeup since the 1980s: “Part of an author’s job is like a doctor’s. The first thing you do is check if the patient has a pulse. In the case of writing a story, the first thing you do is wake up the audience, and you do that by stimulating them with a pleasurable image or a shocking one. You have to get some kind of a reaction.”

They’ve nailed the shocking part, but we say that having a woman in that black, bodycon latex suit will also be a pleasurable image to readers. In that case, we can’t wait to see this Dark Dame rise.

Photos by Joe Raedle / Getty Images