Big Screen Entourage

The HBO hit will soon be a movie, so let’s pick a director.

It was recently announced that your favorite TV series about a gaggle of Queens boys gone Hollywood is turning into a movie. As lovers of the cinematic arts (and of shows with hot cars and boobies), we considered how the flick might turn out depending on what director is at the helm. In whatever case, we’re pretty sure it will end with Vince getting to do the movie.

Woody Allen: The guys all go into therapy, and the action now takes now takes place in Europe. For no reason whatsoever.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Tim Burton: Johnny Drama is now played by Johnny Depp.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Enterprises

Wes Anderson: Instead of the hip hop hits of today, the soundtrack is now a whimsical collection of obscure French pop hits from the 60s.

Photo Courtesy of Focus Features

Quentin Tarantino: Vince takes revenge upon all the filmmakers who have ever dissed him. That is, revenge with a samurai sword!

Photo Courtesy of  The Weinstein Company

Spike Jonze: Ari Gold takes on a new client…Jeremy Piven!

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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