‘Bill & Ted 3’ Could Actually Happen, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Spill the Details

Party on, dudes!

Bill and Ted/Interscope

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the stars and writers of the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure revealed a third entry has been in the works for a decade… and it could finally be coming.

Stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are down the return to the franchise, and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon already have a spec script in place.

Matheson and Solomon revealed they wrote the script a decade ago but have only now just found potential backers, including Steven Soderbergh as a producer, and a new director, Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest). 

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The script, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, follows Bill and Ted into their fifties, 30 years after their futuristic mentor Rufus (George Carlin) told them they would create music that would one day create a utopian society at the end of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

“You’re told you’re gonna save the world,” Matheson said. “And now you’re 50 and you haven’t done it. Now they’re married, and it affects their marriages, and it affects their relationships with their kids, and it affects their everything.”

“Everybody’s a little older now,” Reeves added. “A little afraid.”


“I think it’s kind of like A Christmas Carol with Bill and Ted,” Solomon explained. “Looking at their lives, and really kind of rediscovering what they’re about.”

It appears that all the pieces are in place. “We are hoping to close a deal with some financiers,” Solomon said. “Hopefully within the next month or so, we’ll have news that will stick.”

The first Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released in 1989 and became an instant classic. It followed two high school slackers who time travel so that they do not flunk their history class.


A sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, came in 1991 and saw Bill and Ted facing off with the Grim Reaper with a game of Battleship, among other weirdness.