Bill Burr Talks White Privilege, Male Feminists and More in Netflix Trailer For ‘Paper Tiger’ Comedy Special

“By the way, this is gonna be my last show ever by the time this thing comes up.”

Bill Burr Paper Tiger Promo

Bill Burr doesn’t shy away from some of today’s most controversial topics in the trailer for his latest Netflix comedy special, Paper Tiger. 

The Boston-bred funnyman first tackles family life as he says (screams), “I fucking crush everything. I pick up after myself, I like to think I’m a good dad.” 

“I work my ass off, make a great fucking living – crush all of that! All [my wife] has on me is who I am as a person.” 

But Burr takes a turn in the second half of the trailer with a slew of fiery, context-less rants like, “Robot sex dolls, they’re gonna fuck us into extinction,” and “Stephen Hawking, you never had anything positive to say,” plus some teasers for what will assuredly be politically incorrect bits on hot-button issues like the #MeToo movement, white privilege and male feminists. 


“By the way, this is gonna be my last show ever by the time this fucking thing comes up.” Given that this will be Burr’s sixth stand-up comedy hour in under 10 years, we doubt that. 

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger hits Netflix on Tuesday, September 10.