Bill Gates Makes a Viral Video With Jimmy Fallon, Proves He’s a Cool Guy

To promote the Gates Foundation’s annual letter, the magnate and philanthropist took his cause to Late Night.

Bill Gates is a cool guy who knows a lot. This week, he proved that (again) with his annual Gates Foundation letter and a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Fallon. This year’s letter focuses on positivity and how the world is doing much better than we are inclined to think. It stresses that “poor countries that [were] doomed to stay poor” haven’t! He also made the prediction that in 2035, almost all countries will be lower-middle income or richer. You can read the rest of Gates’ global and economical insights here.

Now, to the fun stuff: Gates appeared on Jimmy Fallon to promote his letter and make a viral video! He rocked different sets of glasses, wigs, outfits, props, and a Seahawks jersey, all set to rhythmic chanting with auto-tune! Multiple Gates-heads in different costumes telling us to go to; what more could we ask for in a funny vid? Also in Bill Gates news: he’s down with marijuana in Washington. Double cool points? Yes.