Bill Murray Has Been Inducted Into the Caddie Hall of Fame

“Hey everybody! You’re all going to get laid.”

You know how you can tell Bill Murray was excited to get  inducted in The Caddie Hall of Fame on Wednesday? Because he broke out his Canadian tuxedo.

The above picture comes courtesy of Joel Murray, Bill’s brother and a total “that guy” who you probably recognize most from Mad Men. He’s the one on the far left. It documents the day all the brothers became part of an elite fraternity, even though none of them has worked professionally as a caddie. They, did, however carry other men’s golf bags it when they were kids. And more importantly, Brain Doyle Murray, the brother in the yellow shirt next to Bill, wrote Caddyshack. Bill, of course, was the best part of the movie. 

All told, those contributions were enough to get Bill and Brain inducted. And the other four? Well, their brothers wrote and starred in Caddyshack and for The Caddie Hall of Fame, that was enough. And rightfully so. Caddyshack is, after all, both greatest sports movie and the greatest gopher movie of all time. 

Photos by Orion Pictures/Everett Collection