Bill Murray Makes Best “Late Show” Appearance Ever, Continues Reign of Awesomeness

The man knows how to make an entrance.

The man knows how to make an entrance.

Amid swirling rumors that Ghostbusters 3 will or will not be made (with or without Murray), the Flatlander comedy demigod made an appearance on The Late Show last night. In typical Murrayian fashion, his introduction was anything but ordinary.

Without explanation, Murray was pulled from the back of an unmarked SUV by some bulky thugs and released into the stage door of Dave’s studio, but not without an over-the-top tasing for his trouble. He then stumbles out to the host in a daze, shakes his hand, and takes his seat. And the first words out of his mouth? “It’s nice to be back.”

What a pro.

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That’s stupid, I want to see girls.