Watch: Bill Murray Owns ‘The Late Show’ Without Uttering a Single Word

There’s a reason why Murray’s the king of comedy.

Bill Murray may be the funniest American alive, and not just because of his legendary roles on the big screen.

The beloved funnyman has a habit of showing up unannounced in random places — bachelor parties, house parties, and karaoke bars, among others — and leave stunned patrons with a simple farewell: “No one will ever believe you.” Nobody is sure if that last bit is totally accurate, but it’s certainly helped contribute to Murray’s late-career reputation as a man of comedic mystery.

Murray was in fine form on Friday night when he crashed a taping of The Late Show and upstaged host Stephen Colbert without uttering a single word. Here’s how it all went down, per our friends at BroBible:

Colbert tells of a heartwarming tale about a man and his penguin friend. The story gets interrupted (2:55 mark) when the late night host notices a possibly homeless man sleeping and sprawled out in the first row of the audience. The weary man happens to be Bill fucking Murray.

Murray fell asleep on a female audience member and when he is awakened from his slumber, he grabs a suit bag and exits the Ed Sullivan Theater. But not before inviting the woman sitting next to him with him. She of course follows, because it’s Bill fucking Murray.

God bless you, Bill Murray, you beautiful hilarious bastard. You can show up in stony silence at our office any day.

h/t BroBible