Buffalo Bills Fan Has Fiery Fun at Final Tailgate

We just wanted a burger, man.

Today in drunk-ass sports fans, we have this intrepid member of the Buffalo Bills’s #BillsMafia doing what we guess you have to do to become a made fan in said mafia: setting his ass on fire. 

Brought to us by Deadspin, this is the brief saga of one man who went into the fire and came out again, only to have his friends laugh and snap photos the first time—until they apparently noticed he might be in a little trouble. It’s the shortest coming-of-age drama we’ve ever seen.

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The Bills are third in the AFC East with 7 win-8 loss record for the season so far. We’re not sure if this guy was protesting that today was the team’s last game in Buffalo or the so-so record—or if he mistook his ass for an Angus beef patty ready for the grill. 

We do hope he put some aloe on that and ended up enjoying the rest of the game—which Buffalo was leading by seven points early Sunday afternoon.

h/t Deadspin