‘Black Mirror’ Dating App Will Reveal Your Relationship’s Expiration Date

The darkly humorous Netflix hit is here to ruin your Valentine’s Day.


The Netflix technology doomsday horror show Black Mirror has a new app that will wreck your Valentine’s Day…and maybe even ruin your relationship.

The app, which you can use online at coach.dating, predicts the termination date of your relationship. Its algorithm for determining this is a mystery.

It will require both you and your significant other to “put your trust in the system” at the same time. You’ll have to send him/her an invite like first.

(Photo: coach.dating)

For the record, I’m single and sent the invite to myself, which determined my relationship with myself would end in nine years. Sad!

This eery AF piece of tech is inspired by the popular “Hang the DJ” episode from Black Mirror‘s fourth season.

It predicated a dystopian dating future where couples were set by a digital “Coach” (sound familiar?) that then cut off relationships seemingly at random, no matter how well the couple appeared to be getting along.

Thankfully, this is just a bit of fun and not real in any way. Or is it!?

h/t The Verge