A Blade-Inspired Blood Rave Is Coming to This Year’s Comic-Con

You’ll just have to wait until the sun goes down. 

In between cosplay and celebrity panels, NY Comic Con attendees are now encouraged to end their weekend being bathed in (fake) blood. The event, appropriately titled “Blood Rave,” will honor the epic opening scene to 1998’s Blade, in which an innocent man is lured into a decrepit slaughterhouse basement by his lady friend to rage at a secret party. Little does he know, the guests are actually hungry bloodsuckers and he has a lot more to worry about than being a little underdressed. 

BBQ Films, the innovative event production company, are the ladies and gents giving you the chance to ‘step inside’ the movie for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your blood will be pumping as you re-create the extremely memorable (and slighty nightmare-inducing) scene, thanks to beats from EDM favorites The Crystal Method and Pictureplane. The rave, set to include cosplay actors and a sweet replica of villain Deacon Frost’s hyped-up hangout spot, is also said to have some secret guests, which we’re praying includes an appearance from the one and only Wesley Snipes

Get drenched on October 9th at New York’s Terminal 5 and purchase your tickets here.