Some Genius Made the New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer Look It’s From the ’80s, And It’s Totally Awesome

Go back to the future.

Blade Runner 2049, even with its glittering CGI glory, is really a throwback film. That’s why filmmakers invited Harrison Ford, who starred in the 1982 original, back and gave the soundtrack a distinctively synth-heavy, retro feel.

So ScreenCrush imagined what that brand-spanking-new 2049 trailer would have looked had it been released back in the ’80s, around the time its predecessor was released. The result: pretty damn cool.

The crisp sounds of gunshots and explosions are, here, replaced with what sounds like sound effects from old arcade games. 

The audio is gloriously messed up and distorted, kinda like how it is when you look up old movie trailers up on YouTube. 

And that title card is classic ’80s drive-in movie cheese. 

Compare it to the actual trailer for Blade Runner 2049, which is far more up-to-date.