This Gamer Took Five Years To Beat ‘Ocarina Of Time’ — And the Reason Why Is Unbelievable

How is this even possible?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can be a challenging game. It’s not up there with From Software’s Bloodborne or anything, but it’s certainly got its share of challenging moments, especially when it comes to navigation. It’s easy to get lost sometimes, and if it’s your first playthrough you might end up having some trouble.

But that’s nothing compared to the handicap this gamer had. Terry Garrett is blind. Yeah, that’s right. He’s blind. And he finally conquered Ocarina of Time after five painstaking years of some next-level gaming some of us could only ever dream about.
That’s a dedicated Zelda fan.

Garrett relied on stereo sound effects, tips from YouTubers, and what must be an unlimited supply of patience to complete this ridiculous run, his heightened other senses guiding him to victory. It’s an extremely impressive feat, especially given the fact that I can see and I still want to throw in the towel while trying to finish up the infamous Water Temple.

Hats off to Garrett for doing what seems like an impossible task and still being up for doing it all again. You can see him kicking ass and taking names in the video below.

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