Blowing Lines

For some people, picking up a date is an art. For others it’s a disaster.

MTV’s new show, Gamekillers is all about the jerks that prevent you from landing those perfect hook-ups. But inconsiderate players aren’t the only thing that might stand between you and a night carnal pleasantries. Take a few easy precautions and you won’t have to worry about going home alone.

Look in the mirror
There’s something to be said for having a nice personality, but if you try to pick up a girl looking like you just fought in the last battle of the Lord of the Rings movies there’s a good chance she’ll cut you down like an orc. Take a quick glance at yourself before you make your move and save yourself the embarrassment of getting turned down because there’s a huge glob of guacamole on your cheek.

Beware the Gamekillers
Every where you turn, there’s always someone looking to salt your game so make sure the coast is clear before heading in. MTV has broken these people down into categories and made a whole TV show about them, but all you really need to do is use common sense. If she has a bunch of friends hanging around her or there are already 3 guys with A/X shirts hitting on her then you’re probably better off looking for another bed mate.

Check your breath
In a loud club, you’ll pretty much have to scream into a person’s face if you want them to hear you so you probably don’t want your tongue to smell like it has been marinating in garlic all night long. Even if you think you’re fresh, popping a couple mints or one of those weird minty sheets really couldn’t hurt.

Check any other body part that might smell bad
Yeah, you showered before you went out, but two hours of rubbing against sweaty people can give you that locker room stench you try so desperately to avoid. Find a place around the bar without the overwhelming smell of alcohol and take a good whif. If it smells like you just played in a World Cup game, hit up some cologne or body spray.

Figure out what you’re going to say
Don’t resort to cheesy old pick-up lines, but trying to totally wing it can lead to a hell of a crash and burn. Keep an outline in your head about things to talk about so you don’t resort to talking about the weather or politics. If it’s way too loud, don’t try to force too much conversation. In other words, shut up and dance.

Don’t bring a wingman
Unless you absolutely need him to peel off the unwanted friends hanging around your new infatuation, leave your buddies back at your own table, especially if they’re better looking than you are. They could end up distracting her from all of your charming one-liners.