Blown Call From Seahawks-Packers Game Shaking Up NFL Playoff Picture

How would the NFC playoff race change had that call not been blown?

Let’s go back in time for a couple minutes. It’s Week 3 of the NFL season. It’s Monday Night Football, and the Green Bay Packers are visiting the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers are leading the Seahawks 12-7 late in the fourth quarter. Oh, and the replacement referees are still running around the field in pinstripes. We all remember what transpired next in what may go down as one of the worst blown calls in NFL history. Seattle’s rookie quarterback, Russell Wilson, took the snap on 4th-and-10. After buying time for his receivers to get into the end zone, Wilson unleashed a Hail Mary as time expired.  With the ball sailing towards the end zone, a herd of Seattle and Green Bay players leaped into the air for the ball. Coming down with the football was Packers safety M.D. Jennings as Seattle receiver Golden Tate tried to wrestle the ball away. The video replay clearly shows Jennings with possession of the ball, so Green Bay should have won the game. However, here is where everything went south for the Packers.

Head official Wayne Elliott viewed the replays and determined both players had simultaneous possession of the ball, meaning the offensive player receives credit for the catch. Instead of a Packers win, the Seahawks won. That win, though it occurred back in September and seems like a lifetime ago now, is dictating the NFC playoff race. The question must be asked: How would the NFC playoff race change had that call not been blown?

Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

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