The Blue Jays Celebrated Their Division Title In Grand, Beer-Soaked Fashion

These video will make you wish you had been there. 

Baseball can too often seem fussy and uptight, especially when players are emphasizing archaic traditions over actual fun. But when a team clinches a playoff spot, all that noise goes out the window. In Toronto Wednesday night, it was thrown off the Space Needle. 

With a 15-2 win over the Orioles, the Blue Jays clinched the AL West and went bananas. Perhaps that’s what happens when you break a 22-year playoff drought. Or when you represent an entire country. Or when your team is so dominant over the course of the season that positive vibes surround you. Or maybe it’s all that. 

Not that any of the players were thinking about this on Wednesday night. They were too busy strapping on their ski goggles and spaying beer in each other’s faces. By the way, when you have to strap on ski goggles before spraying beer in each other’s faces, you know things have gotten out of hand. 

How out of hand? Just ask Josh Donaldson.

Don’t ask Marcus Stroman, though. He’s too busy dancing. 

And don’t ask Jose Bautista. He’s got that big ass cigar in his mouth. 

But do ask Munenori Kawasaki. Just be sure to ask him in Japanese, because, well, we’ll let him say it.

And we’ll also let him leave you with this parting dance.

The Blue Jays next game begins at noon on Thursday, which means the buckets of champagne in the clubhouse last night will be replaced by buckets of Advil this afternoon. We hope they enjoyed themselves. 

Photos by Patrick Smith / Getty Images