Watch This BMX Rider Turn Shipping Containers Into His Personal Playground

Drew Bezanson steps out of his comfort zone and into shipping containers. 

The tiny town of Truro, Nova Scotia, is now home to some of the biggest BMX obstacles in the world. With ramps and ledges suspended some 40 feet in the air atop four stacked shipping containers, Canadian BMX pro Drew Bezanson admitted to feeling fear when he first laid eyes on the course. After all, no other park has ever required him to simply use a crane to get him to the top of the starting ramp

“Everyone feels fear… but that was my goal, to ride stuff that would really scare me,” said Bezanson. “To push my personal limits on a bike and to ride stuff I would never get the opportunity to ride unless it was built.”

And ride it he did. Bezanson worked with a team of renowned ramp builders that included the talented Nate Wessel to build an endless playground of obstacles and ramps as part of his ‘Uncontainable’ project. Watch Bezanson conquer the course in this fantastic video and check out photos of the rider in action below.

Photos by Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool