Bob is BACK!

Bob Saget returns to the small screen and checks his family-friendly comedy at the door. Earmuffs!

Like that dumb twist at the end of The Prestige, there are really two Bob Sagets: the raunchy Saget who stole the blue jokefest documentary The Aristocrats, and the kinder, gentler Saget who played a dust-busting dad in Full House. Here he reveals which Bob stars in the new A&E comedy documentary series Strange Days With Bob Saget.

Does the naughty or nice Bob Saget show up on your new Hunter S. Thompson–esque gig?

What do you think? The pilot is wild—we go to Ukraine to explore the mail-order-bride business. Americans go there to meet a woman who can’t speak English, who will marry them. It’s kind of a dream for all of us.

You’ve come back big time. Are you going to start dating women young enough to be your daughters?

I have to date way older than that. I don’t want to date my daughters’ friends: That’s just stupid.

We thought maybe you were playing yourself on Entourage—a dope-smoking, prostitute-using comic.

Right. Because I’m a comedian, I get to have hookers all the time. Comedians don’t have that kind of money! No, that’s not me. I don’t walk around like the guy I played in Entourage. I separate church and state: I don’t walk around like I own the place.

But you’re happening again. You should be with a different girl every night!

No, thanks. You’re not really meeting quality people most of the time, so you’re not that enticed. Besides, I think people want to see me get crabs.