Bob Barker and Adam Sandler Were Put On This Earth To Fight Each Other

The price has always been right.

Since their 1996 showing at a celebrity pro-am ended in a brawl, Bob Barker and Adam Sandler have had a very particular kind of showbiz relationship. They are enemies because their animosity is iconic – because they’re amazing at hating each other even though one senses, deep down, there might be a spark of sentiment between them. Last night, hostilities between the two resumed as Sandler visited an ailing and elderly Bob Barker in the hospital to talk about the importance of autism awareness on Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars. Things took a turn when Barker aired his grievances about not being asked to be in any Happy Madison Productions films then offered Sandler an unsubtle critique of his career. Fists were thrown, bedpans were upturned, and Ebola went viral.

But this is an Adam Sandler production, so everything ended happily in heaven.