Bob Odenkirk & David Cross Share Insane New Year’s Resolutions in the First Sketch For With Bob & David

The comedy duo is back.

Netflix has released a full-length sketch from the upcoming series W/Bob & Davida variety sketch series from former Mr. Show costars Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (with guest appearances from other former Mr. Show costars, among others!). 

In “Resolution,” a group of poker buddies share their New Years’s resolutions over a card game, and all but one are entirely delusional — one guy is moving to Hollywood to become a major director, David is starting a cell phone company, and Bob is running for Pope. But when Paul F. Tomkins reveals that he’s decided to cut out red meat after his brother’s heart attack and a high cholesterol reading, things get pretty tense.

W/Bob & Dave premieres on Netflix on November 13. Sadly, it will be very limited — with only four half-hour episodes and a one-hour “making of” special.