Rapper B.o.B Has Proof That the World is Flat

Just hear him out.
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(Photo: Earl Gibson III/WireImage)

(Photo: Earl Gibson III/WireImage)

Atlanta rapper B.o.B (real name Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.) has been posting photos on his Twitter account that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that contrary to popular belief for the past several thousands of years, the world is in fact flat. No no, wait, just hear him out.

Ferdinand Magellan was one of the first people to propose the widely accepted notion that the Earth was round, and not flat, when he successfully sailed around the world between the years 1519 to 1522 without flying into space or falling into a tar pit filled with unicorn bones — but screw him, what did he know? 

B.o.B. is not the first person to have the wool pulled from their eyes on this whole "the earth is flat" thing — Tila Tequila also took to Twitter this month to put her theories on the table: 

And here, further proof from reputable a source, Youtube user Immortalsouls:

There you have it. 2016 is truly paving the way for a whole new world of enlightenment and discovery. Thanks B.o.B., thanks Tila Tequila, thanks Immortalsouls.