Boldly Go Behind the Scenes of “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Get a (spoiler-free) look into the new Star Trek flick that’s so up close, you might see Spock’s ear wax.

Get a (spoiler-free) look into the new Star Trek flick that’s so up close, you might see Spock’s ear wax.

Photo Couresy of Paramount Pictures

Since our movie-loving dogs seemed to enjoy the hell out of Star Trek Into Darkness, we wanted to check out some spoiler-free goodness to get us psyched up before seeing it this weekend. Well, the good folks at IMAX—the movie features about 30 minutes of footage filmed with their extremely high-resolution cameras—put together an inside look at the soon-to-be blockbuster, starring director (and king of the nerds) J.J. Abrams. Scotty (Simon Pegg), Spock (Zach Quinto), and Kirk (Chris Pine) also chime in on why you should see the intergalactic thriller in all its IMAX glory. (Just be sure to bring along somemotion sickness pills.)

Check it out here.

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