The Booth Babes of E3

When handing out free key chains won’t work, harness the power of hotness.

When handing out free key chains won’t work, harness the power of hotness.

E3 is the video game world’s stage for showing off the newest and best they have to offer. But what do you do when there’s an overload of goodies to see? You set yourself apart with a healthy dose of girls in tight outifts. Here are our favorite booth babes of E3 2012.

Judging by the poster and the women, Darksiders II is obviously a puzzle game about farming, friendship and cupcake baking.

Lt. Dan quickly told her never to salute an officer on the battlefield. But it was too late. Lt. Dan was killed by a sniper. Still, we just can’t stay mad at her.

The car in the background was driving at 240 mph. Luckily our high-speed camera capture it just in time. Someone stop this crazy driver!

“So imagine, if you will, that I were a diminutive teapot. Stay with me now. This arm? That would be my handle. Got it? Good. So, with the other arm, I’ll…”

Conjoined models attached at the zipper. And yet they continue to live normal lives just like us!  Bravo.

Looks like someone knows our favorite color combination: Bumblebee Yellow and Orphanage-Fire Red.

To the girl on the right who isn’t wearing her goggles, looking at the camera or bending her knee slightly: Way to go! We applaud your rebellious nature. Call us when you get fired. 

The bottles of water were playing it cool as they tried to catch a peek.

Don’t try this at home, kids! It won’t have nearly the marketing reach as it would if you did it at the convention.

Waiting for the Rock, Paper, Scissor judges to verify the win.