Borgore Doesn’t Need You to Like Him (But He Wants Women to)

Borgore’s actions haven’t earned him the greatest reputation, but there’s a method to the madness.

Asaf Borger, better known as Borgore, has a rapidly growing following and dwindling number of supporters in the musical establishment. Since “Gorestep,” his patented brand of heavy metal-inflected electro beat, dropped back in 2009, the 27-year-old Israeli has been stirring up trouble. His fiery lyrics (“She’ll suck your dick so deep, you’ll feel so deep digested”), over-the-top music videos (humping Miley), and unapologetic-lothario act (Twitter bio: “Following me is bad for ur sister, I take pictures of her on my instagram”) have earned him the title “Most Hated Man in EDM.” 

Given all that, it’s a bit strange when he starts talking about his hometown of Tel Aviv and how proud he is to represent his people on stages around the world. He doesn’t use the word role model, but he gets pretty damn close. “People look at me and think that maybe in this shitty part of the world we can still make it,” he says in his heavy Avivian accent. “It’s important to me: my heritage and my family. You can’t forget where you came from.”

Before Borgore was spinning tracks for a living, his main focus was jazz. He concluded that it wasn’t for him after “practicing the saxophone for 18 fucking hours a day until his eyes bled.” Although his relationship with jazz came to an abrupt halt, he never drifted off the musical path. He switched over to metal and then electronica. He’d found not only his genre, but also his crowd.

“You drop a beat and people go insane,” he says. “That’s the biggest thank you you can get.”

on Jul 7, 2014 at 6:53pm PDT

Like the good Jewish boy he is, Borgore offered his fans more and more, allowing his outre DJ persona to take over. Borgore fans follow him like the anti-Phish and they follow him online as well. His Instagram account serves as both a wet dream board and a way for him to post proof of conquests (a self portrait with the back of a kneeling girl’s head). And no, he doesn’t care when words like “misogynistic” and “degrading” start flying. “I get a lot of hate from women’s rights, but I think females find it fun that someone’s not scared of putting it all out there,” he says. “As long as a chick can come to my show and do whatever the fuck she wants, that’s equality.”

That’s pretty much the logic that convinced Miley Cyrus to join in the late night cake-throwing fiasco that is the music video for “Decisions,” his anti-responsibility anthem. “It was all about just being in the right place at the right time,” he says. “Miley was trying to get out of the Disney character,” he says. “Back then people were afraid of pushing boundaries, and now she has her arse out, and she’s smoking on stage. She was so down.”

Female attention begets female attention and Borgore revels in it, especially when it gives him an opportunity to admire a woman’s backside. #BootyForBorgore has been trending on Twitter since an innocent game of “Strip Twitter” began back in 2012. “I was drunk and told five girls when they take off their shirt, I’ll take off mine,” he says. “We moved on to pants and it got to the point that I saw so much arse Twitter had to close my account.”

It doesn’t end there. The crazier stories happened #IRL. “I’ve had naked chicks with snakes before,” he says. “A girl put candles in her pussy, lit them up, and let me blow them out for my birthday.”

on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:42am PST

This is not the sort of thing you say if you’re planning on going corporate or, well, social acceptable anytime soon. Borgore definitely isn’t. “I’m not just here to cash out and make a hit record and keep it clean,” he says. “I’m still who I was seven years ago when I got into the business and that‘s what brought me here; staying true to myself.” Currently, that involves Borgore referring to himself as “Jewish Wolverine,” offering shoutouts to “booties in the wild” and chasing endless Patron shots with endless beers. The guy doesn’t have much to complain about other than the complaints about him. He’s really only got one issue. “I travel so much and I can’t have a fucking dog,” he says.

Companionship is everything.

Check out an exclusive track here off Borgore’s new album, “The Buygore Album” out January 13th!