‘Boston Accent’ Is the Perfect Parody of Every Boston Movie Ever

“I’m not just ah cahp: I’m ah fahthah, I’m ah son, and above all, I’m from Bawston.”

Let me tell you something: As a Bostonian, I hate movies about Boston. Sure, there’s nothing like seeing the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House for a hot minute while I’m in a movie theater, but these films tend to simplify life in my home state to a bunch of dudes with ridiculous accents. Repeat after me: You

cannot pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd

. There is very little parking in Harvard, and it’s rarely open.

Luckily for us, Seth Meyers realized that Hollywood can’t shoot a movie about Beantown without making us sound like total ingrates (sorry, Johnny Depp, for your horrible performance in

Black Mass

) and embraced that absurdity by poking fun at the the town’s many verbal idiosyncrasies. In the new trailer for the fake movie “Boston Accent,” Meyers captures all the tired tropes of Boston flicks 

(see: cops, crime, and good ‘ol Irish boys) in a whirlwind review of the different types of Boston accents, from blue-collar cop to upscale Kennedy-esque jabber.

Give it a watch. If you’re a Masshole like me, you’ll start feeling homesick immediately.